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About Us

RDM Products brings clever innovations to the home and garden market.

RDM Products was born in 2009 with an ingenious innovation to solve a long-running problem for consumers. Thatís when New Hampshire inventor and entrepreneur Arra David noticed the pent-up demand for an affordable driveway marker that solved two major frustrations. First, he knew people wanted a marker that was easier and faster to install, even going into frozen ground. Second, he heard consumers complain about markers that were continually uprooted or broken by snow blowers, snowplows, and other vehicles.

Inspired by slalom ski markers that bend but donít break, David invented the Rebound Driveway Marker. This marker is equipped with an eight-inch spike that pierces frozen ground and a stainless steel, bendable spring at the base so the rod returns to its upright position after impact.

To develop the invention, David partnered with Mike Collins, CEO of Big Idea Group, a company that helps innovators move their concepts forward. The team was able to quickly to win placements and consumer acceptance in a variety of retail, catalog and ecommerce businesses.

Today, the Rebound Driveway Marker continues to be a hit with consumers and retailers. And RDM Products continues to innovate. Weíre excited to introduce our latest item: the Marker Mount +. This new product pairs a driveway marker with a sturdy, easy-insert spike that will dramatically reduce breakage of any fiberglass marker.

RDM Productís partnership with Big Idea Group and its vast network of innovators and entrepreneurs is prospering and growing. Together, weíre crafting more smart solutions for the home and garden market.


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